Why is a video important for a wedding?

Come the day after your wedding, everything has gone. Nothing more than a souvenir photo remains of all the events of that day. But the gazes, the feelings, the promise, the passing moments, the words spoken, the sounds in the background, how can each nuance of that day be captured if not on video, in a form that can be revisited over time.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes, I love destination wedding. I love traveling to discover new places, to meet people and to be inspired.

Do you work for engagement/elopement sessions ?

Yes, of course, write us an email, and we will can plan it.

How long does a wedding film last?

The film has to be viewable without sending the viewer to sleep. And then, once over, it has to be watched again and again. It isn’t the length of the film that makes the difference: it’s the quality of the emotions you go through when watching it. On average, a film lasts from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the kind of wedding and the interesting things that may or may not happen during that day.

How many people will come to my wedding?

We are two. I strongly believe in the team to ensure good coverage of the entire event. But this number may vary according to the type of service chosen. (if you have more than 150 guests I suggest a third videomaker)

Do you record the original sounds?

Yes, I use professional quality sound recording and wireless microphones. This is to ensure the best possible sound quality to capture your marriage vows and the speeches.

Can we choose our own music?

No. I choose the music because there is a lot more to this than people often think. But if you have a song that means a lot to you, I will do my best to accommodate your wishes.

On your website, we can’t actually watch a full-length marriage. Is it possible for us to see one?

Just ask me and I’ll send you a link with a password so that you can watch one.

Is it possible to have the whole uncut recording?

I don’t normally release it. Bear in mind that on average we shoot 4 or 5 hours of video (a file occupying 40-50 gigabytes) which contain many recording errors and fill-in shots: you will never actually want to watch these again. But if you are still convinced that you want it, make a request and you will be supplied with a short additional supplement.

How will you get on with our trusted family photographer?

I often find myself working alongside various photographers. But standing out in the crowd is not my style: I believe in common sense and in mutual respect between two professionals working in the same field. If you prefer, I could contact the photographer so that we can coordinate our movements.